Let's get ready!!!!

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Please prepare for your session by :

Month Before Your Session “Inspiration”
It is never too early to start planning for your Boudoir photo session,  and this planning should be a fun part of the process!  Think about what kinds of outfits you’d like to wear and get them together.  Pick out your sexiest heels.   Find clothing, sexy heels, accessories, to use in your shoot Lingerie is nice, but sometimes a tight t-shirt, soft sweater , fall-off the shoulder shirt can be even sexier. Bring clothing that makes you FEEL sexy, not what you THINK is sexy. Don’t purposely go out and buy lingerie that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or is over the top. It will read in your photos, on your face, and in your body language. I tell clients to bring as many clothing options as they want & we will sort through theirs & our wardrobe together. Don't really have any lingerie on hand? I can send you great sites & recommendations for stunning lingerie! Plus we have an amazing studio wardrobe available to clients with over a hundred pieces so we will definitely find something for you! Visit our Pinterest Page for some inspiration and ideas that we’ve collected for you (briicherri)


Five Days Before “Ladies, it’s time to pamper yourself”

If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed. If you’re planning on getting a haircut or color, give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it. We highly recommend a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish. Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photo’s, red skin will not PLEASE – NO SPRAY TAN. Drink plenty of water for luminous skin, Lower your salt intake. if you’re worried about retaining water, cut out as much sugar, carbs and processed foods as possible. Your skin will thank you, as well as keep you from looking bloated and puffy. Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels.


The Day Before “Relax and Be Ready”

Shave and moisturize. Double-check everything you will be bringing the night before and make sure that you leave plenty of time to get to the studio without stressing. – heels, jewelry, accessories. Have a nice and relaxing evening with no stress Get a good night’s sleep – eight hours is ideal.


The Day of your Photo Shoot “Get ready for a wonderful experience…”

Use clear deodorant. Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid red marks on your skin. Eat something light but filling before you leave the house. come with clean dry hair and a clean face. We will providing light snacks and lots of water during your session. Have your finalpayment ready (check, credit card, or cash). Finally, RELAX – it is completely normal to be nervous, but don’t worry because you are in very good hands. and they will make you look amazing.  I have several years of experience,  and I know exactly how to coach you, pose you and make you comfortable throughout the shoot. HAVE FUN! Let us know what music you like and that will help you relax and get you in the mood. We will also have some wine or mimosas to help ease you into the session. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most clients – enjoy it!