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Late night post : SELFIE TIMEEEEEE

So many new pieces of furniture , poses, ideas and lingerie pieces in the studio! 
I haven't been able to get a model in the studio due to the holidays and my crazy booked schedule so I took a moment and did some selfies to show one of our new antique pieces and a couple new lingerie pieces! 

I cannot wait for January when I have some sessions I can share with you FINALLY! 
We have been booked over 2 months out for a while and haven't had a release since the summer and I am dying to show you the new things happening here ! So please stay tuned for the gorgeousness coming in January!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a HAppy New Year to you all!

Miss S : Finding the sexiness in herself : Elizabeth City North Carolina Boudoir Photography

What Miss S had to say about her experience:

I was super nervous when I first met up with Brii for my shoot bc I just had no idea what to expect. She was super easy going and fun and it made it much easier for me to relax! She was so empowering and full of compliments while taking pictures that it became so much fun and the nerves were gone!I was practically in tears seeing myself in them because I just can't believe it's me ! I had an absolutely amazing experience and would totally do this again!

Meet Your Masseuse : Kara : Edenton , Elizabeth City , Greenville NC Boudoir Studio

Name: Kara  Lewis, My family calls me Kara Boo,
Birthday : September 3rd 1995

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Music: its a toss up between old country and trap music

Favorite go to look?  just leggings and a tshirt since Im a mom of 2 boys

How did you find your calling ? I have always been a fan of holistic medicine and massage just called out to me.
What do you like to do in your spare time? I love yoga (I practice every day) and I love live music, any concert that I can just jam out Im in heaven.

My favorite feature physically is probably a toss up between my booty and my tattoos.

My mottos are "do what youve gotta do until you can do what you wanna do" and "normality is a concrete road, its comfortable to walk but no flowers grow."

How has boudoir  effected you?
Being a mother of two, like most mothers of two, my body image had been severely damaged over the past 5 years. When I came in for my session I was as nervous as can be. But Brii being Brii, she yanks you from your comfort zone and throws you into this almost surreal world of Body Positivity and Self Love. How could I possibly focus on my stretch marks when she's in my ear squealing over how breathtaking the last shot was? Or how stunning this pose is? Its almost an intoxicating feeling; falling in love with yourself.. And she just keeps pouring you more shots. I left her studio with an entirely different mindset about who I was and how others viewed me. Absolutely incredible experience.

What your favorite thing about being a part of the boudoir studio?
For me, being the massage therapist to these gorgeous ladies, I am the first step to their in-person experience. They get on my table and I help them to relax. Which is truly a challenge and an honour in itself. Its fun. Its light. Its relaxing. I can literally feel the nerves disappearing under my hands. They get up from their massage with a few less butterflies in their tummy and a little more confidence in their step. I love helping build their confidence and courage up before their session!

What is your favorite thing about the girls on your team at the boudoir studio?
I think the best thing about the women on our team is that we are all from totally different worlds but we have come together for one purpose, Women Empowerment. We all know what its like to feel less than worthy. We are all REAL. We are a tribe. We build eachother up, which is so hard to find these days. Brii, MaryAnn, and I get to work and magic happens... Im telling you. Youve got to see it to believe it. Its so dope to be a part of this movement. I love these ladies like they are my own sisters.