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Miss D :

What Miss D had to say about her session:

Before I walked into the studio, I was very nervous. Not about being shot, but about meeting Brii. I'm very shy. When I met her, all that went away, I felt like I already knew her after a few minutes. The session was amazing and empowering. She knows exactly how to make you feel sexy. When I got my photos back, wow! I had been feeling a bit down about my body image because of recent weight gain. I enjoyed my body but not like I used to. BUT when I saw the photographs I was shocked and I couldn't believe it was me in the pictures. Amazing!

Miss D was so outgoing and bold ! Watching her transform from nervous and kind of shy to having fun and being open was the best and her photos definitely show how much fun she had and how she was able to become comfortable shooting! I cannot wait for her next session here at The Boudoir Studio with us.

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What Miss H. Had to say about her experience here at The Boudoir Studio:

I was completely nervous from the beginning. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do this, wasn't sure what outfits to bring, and thought I was going to look competely hideous! And let me tell you, Brii is truly amazing! She literally helps you every step of the way from suggesting where to shop for outfits and helping calm your nerves and making you feel comfortable. So, the day of the shoot came and I was beyond nervous but from the second I walked in, Brii was very welcoming and nice, I felt like we could sit and talk for hours! She absolutely made me feel like a bombshell with hair and makeup and definitely has gift for making you look stunning in your photos! I honestly walked out feeling great and like I had gained a new friend. I was very pleased!! She is truly talented and makes her clients feel like they are the most beautiful people in the world!

What we had to say about Miss H

Miss H. KILLED it, obviously.
But really she walked in and let me have all artistic & wardrobe control she trusted me to have the expertise to clothe her in what worked and boy did it! 
Her personality took only a few minutes to let loose and come through within her photos and in no time we were on fire. Shooting her was an absolute breeze & I cannot wait to do it again because on top of being absolutely stunning & easy to shoot. She was amazingly fun to talk to and seriously just became a friend within 10 minutes of us meeting. I love everything about what I do but meeting awesome people like Miss H is definitely the best part! 

Miss M : Loving who i am : Edenton Elizabeth City Greenville Boudoir

What Miss M had to say about her session :
Everyday I looked in the mirror and picked out every single thing that I hated about myself. I told myself you need to eat better, workout more, fix your hair different, and do your makeup different. I judged myself so much that I didn't even have one bit of self love in my heart! I quickly realized that as a young woman in today's society I was judged enough by everyone else that I didn't need to be so hard on myself. My first step in changing how I felt was getting in contact with Brii at The Boudoir Studio I knew that if anyone could show me how beautiful of a person I am on the outside but most importantly on the inside it would be her!! I'm thankful for the experience I had in her studio and for the confidence she bestowed on me!!

What we have to say about Miss M:
Miss M is one of our favorite sessions just looking here at these few selected photographs you can see how much fun this woman was. She had us laughing and having fun & truthfully she is why we do what we do here at the boudoir studio. Knowing we can change a woman's life and outlook like we did hers just by doing what we love most and being able to show them how freaking GORGEOUS they are is the best feeling in the world. She KILLED it and letting us share her amazing images means so much to us so pleaseeeeeeeee show this gorgeous girl some love!

Miss K : Our Masseuse gets in the hot seat ! : Edenton Boudoir Photography : North Carolina

What Kara had to say about her experience here at The Boudoir Studio!

Being a mother of two, like most mothers of two, my body image had been severely damaged over the past 5 years. When I came in for my session I was as nervous as can be. But Brii being Brii, she yanks you from your comfort zone and throws you into this almost surreal world of Body Positivity and Self Love. How could I possibly focus on my stretch marks when she's in my ear squealing over how breathtaking the last shot was? Or how stunning this pose is? Its almost an intoxicating feeling; falling in love with yourself.. And she just keeps pouring you more shots. I left her studio with an entirely different mindset about who I was and how others viewed me. Absolutely incredible experience.

What we thought of Kara's Sesh! 
Kara was unbelievably nervous it actually made us all laugh because she is part of the experience for all of these other women and the moment she was in the hot seat she freaked! 
But she killed it and we went a totally different vibe with her session, shooting at dusk and into night we got a more bedroomy sultry feel and I am in love with everything about it. 10 minutes into her session all the nerves were gone and here was this amazing confident and enticing woman! It was beyond beautiful to watch!

Miss A : Greenville, Edenton , Elizabeth City North Carolina Premiere boudoir Photography

Miss A came to me a little over a month ago saying she had heard about me through the grapevine, seen my work & fell in love. Thinking what a perfect gift it would be for her hubby she took the plunge & booked a session here with us at The boudoir studio. 
This Mom of 2 came in and spent the day getting pampered with a wonderful massage and drinks, hair and makeup and lots of laughter along with a fun filled session. Her nerves dying out within the first ten minutes and her confidence getting brighter and brighter with every frame I shot! 

She now says she is beyond hooked with the Boudoir experience and is already planning her next session with us. We are just as stoked to have her come back because she killed it and was so much fun to photograph!