boone boudoir session

God sent me an Angel - Intimate Boudoir Experience - Boone North Carolina

I’m not the mushy type.
At all.
As most of you know. But I do ahve some soft spots, my husband my kid and my soul mate.
You read that right. My soul mate came to me at the age of 13 at a roller skating rink 15 minutes from home.
It took two seconds for me to realize the girl I just met was my life. Love at first sight is real you can ask anyone who was there that night. The moment we met we were inseperable.
I've known since that day that no matter what life threw at me or who left me in the dust I would never be alone. I would always have her. It didn’t matter if we had 5 states between us or an entire ocean.
She’s always been the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Strong and fierce. So fucking determined and stubborn that sometimes it drove me bonkers.
Crazy enough she fights me so hard about getting in front of my camera. I literally BEG. Because to me she literally is the definition of perfection and beauty all I ever want to do is capture that essence. She has let me photograph her twice. TWICE. This being one of them and when she said she wanted to be an angel my first thought was there was nothing more perfect to fit her. My second thought was how fucking nervous I was. This woman is my idol, one of my biggest supporters and I was terrified that I would mess up and not make her proud. God was I so fucking nervous. But the moment she stepped in front of my camera, I literally saw the woman who more times then she knows has been my angel and I captured how I see her everyday and made it into art that I will cherish for the rest of my life..

When I asked Kylee to write about her experience I never expected to cry because well I just don’t shed tears very often but she got to me, so heres what this Angel had to say about her experience and I promise it is worth the read.

Brii has been my best friend since 2006. Probably the best summer of my life, it isn’t often that you meet someone that you know for sure will be in your life forever. Soul mate must extend so much farther than romantic love because I know for a fact that no one understands me more than she does. I was there when she started building this business. I watched the struggle but also the passion. And when she found Boudoir it was like she found herself all over again. Her work is beautiful, it is art. I have always played with her that I would never let her photograph me. And I have twice now. I let her do a mermaid photoshoot and now this angel one. My favorite part about shooting with brii is watching her, she brings so much life to the whole process. She made me feel special but also was good about recognizing my insecurities. Even putting on an outfit for me had me in an anxiety struck space. I couldn’t imagine wearing a body suit that barely covered my body. She knows exactly how far to push you out of your comfort zone without putting too much pressure or not enough pressure that you don’t end up with pictures that you love. I wouldn’t wear a two piece, so she didn’t push but she made sure that the one piece I wore made my body look incredible. Going into my session, I was a mess. I said about 15 times that I had changed my mind. I did my make up super slow trying to build up my courage. I didn’t know what it was going to look like or what I was going to look like. It was so abstract. I was so uncomfortable. But brii was there, smiles in her eyes, and encouragement pouring from her mouth. Even when I doubted myself, she never did. I knew I wanted to do a session the moment she told me about the wings. I think it gave me permission to separate being “sexy” from being “something else”. It was me, but not me at the same time. It was almost a crutch. From the moment I put the wings on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Brii helped me move in them, showed me what to do with my body, told me how to breathe to make my face work the way it needed to. But to be honest, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I was INCREDIBLY awkward. I moved weird and slow but she was patient. She showed me poses multiple times so I could understand what she wanted from me. She told me I could do things that I never imaged I could do. In my moments of awkwardness she was there to laugh and play with me but also be serious and show me what I needed. She was really aware of my body type and what would look the best. It was like being in a whole new world. She’s my best friend, I know every aspect of her personality. But watching her behind a camera, it was like meeting her all over again. It reminded me of the first time I met her. She exudes so much personality, so much energy. In a session with her, it’s almost like she donates that to you. She lets you take on her energy, brings out your own personality and then gives you a space to see it and be in that moment. Brii has always been a safe place for me. She’s been there since I was a kid, she’s grown with me, but in that moment. She was my best friend but not at the same time. I expect the best from her, because I know she can provide the best. Every single photo she sent me reminded me all over again that she is the best. My fiancé looked at some of the photos she shared and he gushed for days. Asked for one on a huge canvas because it was art. He said he couldn’t believe that I could look like that. Brii made me look like that. She took all of the parts of myself that made me beautiful and poured them into a photograph. She let me see myself in an entirely different way. And that was the most valuable part of my experience. I love my photographs, I will adore them for the rest of my life. But I adore her much more. That session allowed me to see myself the way she sees me. And for that, there is no price tag. Being a boudie babe was great, but being a boudie babe for brii was incredible.

Erotic Couples Session : The Boudoir Studio of North Carolina : West Jefferson , Boone & Edenton

Some things don’t need a bunch of words to describe how absolutely amazeballs they are.
One of those things would be this couples session!
These two were a dream to shoot and so madly in love & incredibly sexy as a couple!
I cannot wait to photograph them again one day because whewwww was this steamy!

BDSM Erotic Couples Boudoir Session : Boone North Carolina Premier Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is not just a photo session
Its an experience, an enlightening of sorts. My mission is not to only help people see their beauty again but to find themselves , to see themselves and to see themselves as the sexual beings that we all are.
This session was one of my favorites, its open, its real and its Raw
Its a glimpse into the life of something so raw it enticing.
BDSM is a lifestyle that many people are into, you may not know it case quite frankly most people don’t hang a choke me or whip me sign on their forhead but BDSM is a very real part of life for many. BDSM and the relationships that people within the community have together is all about TRUST. The sexual experience is nothing without ultimate trust and the fact that these two trusted me enough to be part of that and be able to capture just a smidget of the essence of it on camera was absolutely invigorating and amazing to me!
I hope you love the outcome as much as I do!