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Mister N : Male Boudoir Portrait Session: Boone Boudoir Photographer

My first male session was a complete success.
Thuogh he made it pretty easy for me which I was totally thank ful for as I was a BUNDLE of nerves prepping for this sesh! Men are a totally different ball game and literally nothing coincides when it cvomes to posing between men and women or instructions or intimacy . So it was all about learning male intimacy and feelings and learning how to teach others to convey that intimacy.
I’m prettyyyy stoked with these male portraits and can’t wait to keep capturing men and showing them their beauty and giving them back their confidence as well.

Boudie Babe Miss B : Mountain Top Boudoir Session : Boone NC

Boudie Babe Miss B, Gah I could say so much about this vixen, She fell into the flow without hesitation and pushed me to try new ideas and things that I hadn’t thought of. Every bit of this session was artistically captivating and also got increasingly erotic and beautiful as it went on. Everything about it was perfection.
The setting was perfection as the mountain view behind her just added to the crazy beauty of her alone. I am beyond in love with how this completely outdoor boudoir session turned out and it made the choice of living in the high country of north carolina that much better!

I cannot wait for more mountain sessions and High country boudie babes to share with you!

Erotic Couples Session : The Boudoir Studio of North Carolina : West Jefferson , Boone & Edenton

Some things don’t need a bunch of words to describe how absolutely amazeballs they are.
One of those things would be this couples session!
These two were a dream to shoot and so madly in love & incredibly sexy as a couple!
I cannot wait to photograph them again one day because whewwww was this steamy!

Erotic Couples Boudoir Session : The Boudoir Studio Boone North Carolina

The Boudoir Studio is an all inclusive Boudoir studio, whether you are a Woman, a man, a couple, a non binary , poly . Reallt who ever you are and what ever you claim yourself to be . We show love and include all within our studio.

This Couple found me not too long after we opened our studio in Boone through a past client of mine. They saw my work and called. The first time we met for coffee I knew we were going to make magic. These two are FIRE. In real life, they are fun and adventurous and we loved eachothers company so much we had coffee a couple times more before we shot. Jessica ended up doing a solo sesh with me before their couples sesh and Itruly think it made their session so much more intense. She was so comfortable and amazingly confident with herself and her body after her solo sesh that this couples session was easy peasy.

What The love birds had to say about their experience at The Boudoir Studio……My husband and I have been together for 11 years and married for 6. We’ve always been the ‘boring’ couple who doesn’t typically break our fine tuned routine. We’ve never been ‘adventurous’ so to speak, but wanted to explore ways to feel sexy outside of the bedroom. We met Brii and saw right away that she takes pride in her work and loves making boring couples like us feel like rock stars in front of the camera. This is our first time doing a photo shoot together (since our wedding six years ago) because we’ve always been a little camera shy. This shoot with Brii was a perfect way to capture some intimate images together (and to dress up in some sexy lingerie to boot!) We never once felt uncomfortable at any time and she kept the mood light and kept us smiling during the whole shoot. Brii is a true professional, a badass artist, and we’re lucky to now call her our friend. We can’t wait to shoot with her again.

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Our favorite Lingerie Shops Unveiled! Boone Boudoir Photographer

I always love to recommend places to shop for lingerie for my boudie babes so I thought I’d write a little blog featuring our favorite lingerie sites \shops to buy from!

|In person|
Victoria secret
City trends
Tj Maxx

| Online |
Romwe -
Walmart(surprisingly I know!) PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY
Adore me
La Senza
Torrid Plus size FRIENDLY-
Forever 21 -
Fredericks of hollywood -
Hips and Curves - PLUS SIZEFRIENDLY-
Lane bryant - PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY -

Have any others you highly recommend?
Let us know with a comment below!


Boudie Babe Miss A : Studio & Outdoor Boudoir Session: Boone North Carolina

What Miss A had to say about her experience at The Boudoir Studio
Brii is a miracle worker!! I always obsessed over everything she posted and wanted to do a shoot with her but had every excuse in the book to put it off for years. Then when she came to NY for just a week, I knew I had to seize my window of opportunity! I can't say enough good things. I had a great time and the photos are to die for. I was afraid I would be a bad "model" but Brii gave me all the direction I needed, even demonstrating poses for me. I had no boyfriend or husband to do this "for," I just did it for me and I am so glad I did. Don't pass up the chance to book a session with her, you won't regret it.

What we have to say about Miss A!
Miss A was one of NY boudie Babes this Summer and we were so excited to be able to rent a new space and photograph this babe! Though we had known one another years it was adorable how nervous she was for the first five minutes. But damn once this girl got it…She got it and killed the whole session! It was completely amazing to watch her transform and to be able to help her do so. Seeing her come out of her shell and embrace how gorgeous she is was absolutely amazing!

Boudie Babe Miss N: Offbeat Edgy Boudoir : North Carolina

Noel was a client who expressed self-doubt and weary of the confidence it takes to have a boudoir session. But after watching me photograph others and inspire them she decided to reach out. From the water to the sand, to the couch this babe killed it. She went from nervous and worried to confident & slaying. When I asked her to write about her experience with us since she graciously allowed me to share them with you, she said this:

As a boudoir photographer I can admit I am the client who needs the most coaxing and patience, the one who wants to lose a few more pounds, who’s uncomfortable in her own skin. That all changed with Brii, she made me feel like that shy girl washed away leaving behind a strong beautiful vixen. It shows in my images, I needed this in my life. Not just the beautiful photos, but the self love experience, don’t put it off for someday or when your scale makes you happier, wherever you are in your life need this now.

Shooting Noel and being able to experience the amazing transformation in the way she not only viewed herself but held herself was exactly what boudoir is about and why it is so important for all women to experience.

CAMP DO MORE : Babes, Booze & Canoes & some Gorgeous Men too

CAMP DO MORE : Babes, Booze & Canoes & some Gorgeous Men too

North Carolina’s Premiere Luxury Boudoir Experience, The boudoir Studio Travels to Camp Do More in Canada! Read more about her adventures and see a small peak into the stunning art created there