God sent me an Angel - Intimate Boudoir Experience - Boone North Carolina

I’m not the mushy type.
At all.
As most of you know. But I do ahve some soft spots, my husband my kid and my soul mate.
You read that right. My soul mate came to me at the age of 13 at a roller skating rink 15 minutes from home.
It took two seconds for me to realize the girl I just met was my life. Love at first sight is real you can ask anyone who was there that night. The moment we met we were inseperable.
I've known since that day that no matter what life threw at me or who left me in the dust I would never be alone. I would always have her. It didn’t matter if we had 5 states between us or an entire ocean.
She’s always been the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Strong and fierce. So fucking determined and stubborn that sometimes it drove me bonkers.
Crazy enough she fights me so hard about getting in front of my camera. I literally BEG. Because to me she literally is the definition of perfection and beauty all I ever want to do is capture that essence. She has let me photograph her twice. TWICE. This being one of them and when she said she wanted to be an angel my first thought was there was nothing more perfect to fit her. My second thought was how fucking nervous I was. This woman is my idol, one of my biggest supporters and I was terrified that I would mess up and not make her proud. God was I so fucking nervous. But the moment she stepped in front of my camera, I literally saw the woman who more times then she knows has been my angel and I captured how I see her everyday and made it into art that I will cherish for the rest of my life..

When I asked Kylee to write about her experience I never expected to cry because well I just don’t shed tears very often but she got to me, so heres what this Angel had to say about her experience and I promise it is worth the read.

Brii has been my best friend since 2006. Probably the best summer of my life, it isn’t often that you meet someone that you know for sure will be in your life forever. Soul mate must extend so much farther than romantic love because I know for a fact that no one understands me more than she does. I was there when she started building this business. I watched the struggle but also the passion. And when she found Boudoir it was like she found herself all over again. Her work is beautiful, it is art. I have always played with her that I would never let her photograph me. And I have twice now. I let her do a mermaid photoshoot and now this angel one. My favorite part about shooting with brii is watching her, she brings so much life to the whole process. She made me feel special but also was good about recognizing my insecurities. Even putting on an outfit for me had me in an anxiety struck space. I couldn’t imagine wearing a body suit that barely covered my body. She knows exactly how far to push you out of your comfort zone without putting too much pressure or not enough pressure that you don’t end up with pictures that you love. I wouldn’t wear a two piece, so she didn’t push but she made sure that the one piece I wore made my body look incredible. Going into my session, I was a mess. I said about 15 times that I had changed my mind. I did my make up super slow trying to build up my courage. I didn’t know what it was going to look like or what I was going to look like. It was so abstract. I was so uncomfortable. But brii was there, smiles in her eyes, and encouragement pouring from her mouth. Even when I doubted myself, she never did. I knew I wanted to do a session the moment she told me about the wings. I think it gave me permission to separate being “sexy” from being “something else”. It was me, but not me at the same time. It was almost a crutch. From the moment I put the wings on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Brii helped me move in them, showed me what to do with my body, told me how to breathe to make my face work the way it needed to. But to be honest, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I was INCREDIBLY awkward. I moved weird and slow but she was patient. She showed me poses multiple times so I could understand what she wanted from me. She told me I could do things that I never imaged I could do. In my moments of awkwardness she was there to laugh and play with me but also be serious and show me what I needed. She was really aware of my body type and what would look the best. It was like being in a whole new world. She’s my best friend, I know every aspect of her personality. But watching her behind a camera, it was like meeting her all over again. It reminded me of the first time I met her. She exudes so much personality, so much energy. In a session with her, it’s almost like she donates that to you. She lets you take on her energy, brings out your own personality and then gives you a space to see it and be in that moment. Brii has always been a safe place for me. She’s been there since I was a kid, she’s grown with me, but in that moment. She was my best friend but not at the same time. I expect the best from her, because I know she can provide the best. Every single photo she sent me reminded me all over again that she is the best. My fiancé looked at some of the photos she shared and he gushed for days. Asked for one on a huge canvas because it was art. He said he couldn’t believe that I could look like that. Brii made me look like that. She took all of the parts of myself that made me beautiful and poured them into a photograph. She let me see myself in an entirely different way. And that was the most valuable part of my experience. I love my photographs, I will adore them for the rest of my life. But I adore her much more. That session allowed me to see myself the way she sees me. And for that, there is no price tag. Being a boudie babe was great, but being a boudie babe for brii was incredible.

Ladies, Get you a man who makes you feel like leggings, not Jeans.- Elizabeth Moran

Featured Writer - Elizabeth Moran

They say “home isn't a place, it's a person”... and I was knocked to my lowest of lows when i sat on my couch one night seven months ago and realized i was no longer “home”..It wasn’t that i was treated bad, or that i was miserable..it was just not how i envisioned “home” for the rest of my life to be. It wasn't the first time i had thought it though, and i knew that things would never be like they were during our “honeymoon” stage of the relationship. But, I would say what and how i felt, and things would become AMAZING for all of a month and then BOOM, back to the same old song. --


But it’s just your normal and you just push through because it is what you know.

You do what you're supposed to do for your man and with little or nothing for thanks or gratefulness in return, it's just your normal.

You have dinner ready and he will say “I’ve already ate”.. It’s just your normal.

You go to watch a movie and get dinner, but its his choice on both because, well, that just your normal.

Weekend plans? Probably nothing, because he didn't want to. That's just your normal.


I settled with this. I settled because it was all i had known. For FIVE years, me and him. My first “real” relationship. My family loved him, his family loved me, and more importantly, i loved him! And i have no doubt that at some point he loved me. But did he APPRECIATE me? Did he DESERVE me? NOPE. He didn't. And the bad thing is, i knew that. My friends CONSTANTLY told me that. But being with the same person for a half a decade, seemed like where i was supposed to be for the rest of my life no matter what the circumstances(also, the correct answer to this is HELLZ NA GIRL). Yeah i know, girls hear it all the time.. “Dont settle for less than you deserve” or “he doesn’t even deserve you” and you know what, you’re right. You are all exactly right. And we know it, but we don’t want to believe it. You do not want to believe that the man that you have given your all to, and have put so much time, effort, and love into, does not deserve you. But sometimes, it takes a slap in the face by reality to make you get up off your ass and do something about it. I remember my breaking point, and although it was the hardest day i have ever had to date, it was the BEST day. Although i didn’t see it then, packing my shit and leaving was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I'm here to tell you, it hurt like a sonofabitch. But then one day like a month later i was like, “seriously..do you know who the fuck you are?” and now here I am living my complete best life guys. All it takes is a stand. Stand up and get the respect you deserve. Five months, five years, it does not matter. If they wont respect you, you WILL find someone who does.

Do not let any man make you feel like you are not important or like you ain't a bad ass bitch. Because you are. And when you finally realize that it’s no one but yourself stopping you from getting treated like a queen, you’ll make boss moves and make yourself happy. You deserve happiness. You deserve to be told you're beautiful. You deserve to FEEL beautiful every single day. Do not settle just because it is all you know. Truth is, it’s not all you know, it just comfortability. And i don't know if y'all have ever worn jeans, but settling is about as comfortable as wearing jeans. lol -- Get you a man who makes you feel like leggings, girl, not jeans.

CAMP DO MORE : Babes, Booze & Canoes & some Gorgeous Men too

CAMP DO MORE : Babes, Booze & Canoes & some Gorgeous Men too

North Carolina’s Premiere Luxury Boudoir Experience, The boudoir Studio Travels to Camp Do More in Canada! Read more about her adventures and see a small peak into the stunning art created there

Late night post : SELFIE TIMEEEEEE

So many new pieces of furniture , poses, ideas and lingerie pieces in the studio! 
I haven't been able to get a model in the studio due to the holidays and my crazy booked schedule so I took a moment and did some selfies to show one of our new antique pieces and a couple new lingerie pieces! 

I cannot wait for January when I have some sessions I can share with you FINALLY! 
We have been booked over 2 months out for a while and haven't had a release since the summer and I am dying to show you the new things happening here ! So please stay tuned for the gorgeousness coming in January!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a HAppy New Year to you all!

Ending #metoo starts with you....

It's going viral right? For good reason obviously. Most girls and women after puberty have been sexually harassed more than once, and most have been sexually assaulted too whether they know that what has happened to them is classified as so or not. The truth is it's happened to most of us at least once.

I remember when it started in highschool, boys snapping my bra straps trying to grab my boobs. But they were "just joking" just "having fun". It wasn't serious. Why would it be, we had never brought it to light, no one had ever gotten in trouble for it, even talked to about it really. 
Its seen as the norm, as okay. "Boys will be boys, right?"
Well seriously, Fuck that. My son will not touch girls or womens bras. He will not make sexual comments that will make them uncomfortable. He most definitely will not grope them. When will mothers start teaching their sons this shit is not okay? When will boys and men start taking fucking responsibility and stop acting like children?
I walk down the street and am sexually harassed as I do so. Cat called, sexualized. 
"she clearly wants to get fucked tonight."
"baby, what are you doing tonight."
"Damn girl you got a fine ass" 
"You're looking good, where you going? What are youdoing tonight? oh come on. talk to me."
I ignore them all. EVERYTIME.
But do you know women have literally been killed for not accepting & or not responding to a man's harassment. So do we ignore them to show them we are not interested and hope they don't act out in anger or being ignored, or do we speak back to the men harassing us so they think we are actually interested in such advancements?
 Multiple weddings I deal with guests, groomsmen, grandpas, saying inappropriate sexual things to me while I work. I've been putting my equipment in my car after a long wedding and had a man come up behind me while doing so and ask me if I wanted him to "lay me down in the back seat." My answer was what the fuck did you just say and in which he realized he had fucked up. I went on to said no and I was sure my cop of a husband wouldn't either or the fact he felt he had the right to act in such a way. To make me feel unsafe and insecure in my surroundings at my job. It wasn't the first time it's happened and it won't be the last sadly. 

The fact is that we need to step up and speak out for our selves and the women and girls around us. If your daughters see this happening to you and no reprecussions occuring they believe this is the norm. This is okay. ITS NOT. I don't have a daughter but I do have one who I have in my care enough to treat her as such & I will never let her believe that a man has the right to make any woman feel , unsafe, insecure in her skin & her environment. 
But stopping this issue starts at the root and that is with our sons, the boys & the men in this world understanding that women are not objects for their approval, their sexual desires and just objects they can speak to and treat in any which way they want. No matter their clothing choice, the way they present or hold themselves. There is a way to compliment someone with out sexually harassing them, there is a way to have manners and be a gentlemen and I promise you it will get you more respect and attention from women then being a cat calling asshole ever will.


You're ADDING what to the boudoir studio collections? : Elizabeth City Edenton Boudoir


00 (19 of 23).jpg

After LONG dileberation

ALL Collections will come with corresponding

Digitals in an online gallery! 

How exciting is that ladiessssssss! 

I know I am stoked for you! 

Meet Your Masseuse : Kara : Edenton , Elizabeth City , Greenville NC Boudoir Studio

Name: Kara  Lewis, My family calls me Kara Boo,
Birthday : September 3rd 1995

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Music: its a toss up between old country and trap music

Favorite go to look?  just leggings and a tshirt since Im a mom of 2 boys

How did you find your calling ? I have always been a fan of holistic medicine and massage just called out to me.
What do you like to do in your spare time? I love yoga (I practice every day) and I love live music, any concert that I can just jam out Im in heaven.

My favorite feature physically is probably a toss up between my booty and my tattoos.

My mottos are "do what youve gotta do until you can do what you wanna do" and "normality is a concrete road, its comfortable to walk but no flowers grow."

How has boudoir  effected you?
Being a mother of two, like most mothers of two, my body image had been severely damaged over the past 5 years. When I came in for my session I was as nervous as can be. But Brii being Brii, she yanks you from your comfort zone and throws you into this almost surreal world of Body Positivity and Self Love. How could I possibly focus on my stretch marks when she's in my ear squealing over how breathtaking the last shot was? Or how stunning this pose is? Its almost an intoxicating feeling; falling in love with yourself.. And she just keeps pouring you more shots. I left her studio with an entirely different mindset about who I was and how others viewed me. Absolutely incredible experience.

What your favorite thing about being a part of the boudoir studio?
For me, being the massage therapist to these gorgeous ladies, I am the first step to their in-person experience. They get on my table and I help them to relax. Which is truly a challenge and an honour in itself. Its fun. Its light. Its relaxing. I can literally feel the nerves disappearing under my hands. They get up from their massage with a few less butterflies in their tummy and a little more confidence in their step. I love helping build their confidence and courage up before their session!

What is your favorite thing about the girls on your team at the boudoir studio?
I think the best thing about the women on our team is that we are all from totally different worlds but we have come together for one purpose, Women Empowerment. We all know what its like to feel less than worthy. We are all REAL. We are a tribe. We build eachother up, which is so hard to find these days. Brii, MaryAnn, and I get to work and magic happens... Im telling you. Youve got to see it to believe it. Its so dope to be a part of this movement. I love these ladies like they are my own sisters.

The First Session of The Boudoir Studio : Edenton NC : Premiere Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions at The Boudoir Studio aren't just photography sessions like they are with most other photographers. We aren't going to hand you your digitals and say go get them printed at walmart after just meeting you and shooting you half naked. Nope not those type of people at all.
Boudoir for us is a full on experience, from meeting with me over coffee to indulge in all the ideas and questions you may have. To mimosas and pampering before your session with a team of amazing professionals who are all there to shower you with confidence and sexiness to push you to feeling on top of your game. To the session full of posing instruction, corny jokes endless compliments and a ridiculous amount of fun. Then to your viewing where we sit down enjoy some delicious treats from LAce n Cakes and drink a mimosa and see how freaking amazingly wonderful you slayed your session with us! Just a little while later your heirloom products will arrive and it will feel just like Christmas. Cause to be truthful its actually a little better. 
We will have you feeling like a whole new person. A million bucks to be exact. You just gotta take the jump.