CAMP DO MORE : Babes, Booze & Canoes & some Gorgeous Men too

A little over a week ago I embarked on what would legitimately be a life changing journey. 
Most people know when these are coming, they plan big adventures, big moves. 
This wasn't one of those things. I signed up for camp cause a friend was selling her ticket cheap and I thought "Why the hell not? I'm bound to learn something." 
Well damn, did I. 
I never really thought of myself as an anyone, I never really valued myself in the way I should. I saw my work as decent, mediocore but everyone I looked at I thought was better. I let comparison be the theif of my joy, and I did it a lot. Now don't get me wrong I still do catch myseld in the act once in a while but camp taught me that I am a pretty Bad ass mother fucker. To be truthful.
They reared into me and beat into me my worth & opened my eyes to my value. That my work is not mediocore, its not decent its fucking magical.
If there was one word for CAMP DO MORE 2018 its that. MAGICAL.
I could go into detail about my amazing 42+ hour road trip with 4 strangers who I had never met just to get to camp but that is a whole other blog post.
This one is to talk Camp. Just Camp. 
Heres some straight facts about camp:
1. It took me 7.5 minutes to get into something sexy & join over 5 other already posing boudie babes out on the peir to start photographing
2. At any given time there were naked, half naked people all around you & people photographing them (most likely half naked as well)
3. I didn't sleep more than 5 hours a night because the parties were a blast & the sunrise was even better.
4. I let lots of people grab my ass & photograph it and it was the most weirdly invigorating thing.
5. I was told I was beautiful more times than I have ever been told before, & these people truly believed it. Thats the thing about most of us boudoir photographers, we really do see the beauty in everyone. 
6. Racoons will find you , though they won't eat you like in nightmares and shit.
7. The deer will probably find you too.
8. Theres a magical place called the Love Shack. Though to my knowledge no body got laid there. 
9. Don't make a schedule, the thing will fall to shit. Seriously, you'll find yourself so busy and inspired you won't even remember you have one you'll be too busy photographing all the new faces, the new ideas, and using new skills you won't even realized you learned until you get home to look at the photos.
10. You'll have the time of your life if you allow yourself too. You'll meet over a 100 strangers and in this weird moment, you all become a family. The Do More Family. It's real & pretty badass if I do say so myself. 

Thats it for my intro to Camp, here is what all you people have been waiting for . 
Some official Previews !