Meet Your Photographer : Brii Cher'ri :Eastern North Carolina Premiere Boudoir Experience

Name: Brii Cher'ri
Birthday : September 29th 1992

Favorite Color: Burgandy or Mustard yellow

Favorite Music: R&B or Rap
Favorite go to look?   my leather jack and black jeggings ALL BLACK EVERYTHING !

How did you find your calling ? Photography really found me a friend asked I shoot some photos for them, then more asked and it just grew and grew until I realized this was my thing. What I was meant to do.
What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to read. When I have the time I love to draw as well but with my little one that doesn't happen too often

My favorite feature physically is: My booty

My mottos are "Though there is a mountain to climb always remember to stay humble & kind." "Only you can be YOU"

How has boudoir  effected you?
Boudoir. Oh how I could write a book on how its affected ne and my life. For me boudoir has never been just a photo session, I always saw it as more and as my clients came back telling me how life changing their experience was for them I realized how much me changing their lives and perspective influenced my life. I feel like more than ever I found my why. I am making my mark in the world. Sure I am not out changing the lives of thousands but I am making mothers see their beauty again, letting depressed and deflatted women bright & exuberant about who they are again. I hope this has a butterfly effect allowing daughters to see selfloving mothers who  talk of their beauty not of their flaws. 

What your favorite thing about being a part of the boudoir studio?
I guess I started covering that in the last question but, being a part of the boudoir studio allows me to take a vulnerable nervous and scared woman who just wants to feel like something special again into my hands, my art and my heart and literally let out a woman with confidence in her step happiness in her eyes and the drive to take on the world. I try to have my girls write to me about their sessions and how they felt after how it affected them and the responses I have had , have brought tears to my eyes more than once. They think I am the one doing them a service and little do they know they give me a purpose and make me feel like a million bucks too.

What is your favorite thing about the girls on your team at the boudoir studio?
Oh lord. When I chose my girls. 
It took a while. A lot of thought. I know plenty of hair dressers, a few masseuse and quite a few bakers. But Kara & MaryAnn stood out. We are all sooooooo different. You aren't walking into a studio with all southern peppy girls, hipsters or edgy badasses( as I would call myself even though I am really the nicest haha) There is a mixture of everything and we have a way of just setting the mood of fun and excitement and like a group of girls who have known each and every client for years. We talk and have fun like girlfriends would and it happens within a blink of an eye. These girls. Are so driven, we are all young & inspired, we love our passions like nothing else and we work our asses off to make every client feel like a queen because thats how we all want our clients to see themselves. 

Truthfully somehow all of us so different work so well together and its quite beautiful.