Miss M : Loving who i am : Edenton Elizabeth City Greenville Boudoir

What Miss M had to say about her session :
Everyday I looked in the mirror and picked out every single thing that I hated about myself. I told myself you need to eat better, workout more, fix your hair different, and do your makeup different. I judged myself so much that I didn't even have one bit of self love in my heart! I quickly realized that as a young woman in today's society I was judged enough by everyone else that I didn't need to be so hard on myself. My first step in changing how I felt was getting in contact with Brii at The Boudoir Studio I knew that if anyone could show me how beautiful of a person I am on the outside but most importantly on the inside it would be her!! I'm thankful for the experience I had in her studio and for the confidence she bestowed on me!!

What we have to say about Miss M:
Miss M is one of our favorite sessions just looking here at these few selected photographs you can see how much fun this woman was. She had us laughing and having fun & truthfully she is why we do what we do here at the boudoir studio. Knowing we can change a woman's life and outlook like we did hers just by doing what we love most and being able to show them how freaking GORGEOUS they are is the best feeling in the world. She KILLED it and letting us share her amazing images means so much to us so pleaseeeeeeeee show this gorgeous girl some love!