Miss K : Our Masseuse gets in the hot seat ! : Edenton Boudoir Photography : North Carolina

What Kara had to say about her experience here at The Boudoir Studio!

Being a mother of two, like most mothers of two, my body image had been severely damaged over the past 5 years. When I came in for my session I was as nervous as can be. But Brii being Brii, she yanks you from your comfort zone and throws you into this almost surreal world of Body Positivity and Self Love. How could I possibly focus on my stretch marks when she's in my ear squealing over how breathtaking the last shot was? Or how stunning this pose is? Its almost an intoxicating feeling; falling in love with yourself.. And she just keeps pouring you more shots. I left her studio with an entirely different mindset about who I was and how others viewed me. Absolutely incredible experience.

What we thought of Kara's Sesh! 
Kara was unbelievably nervous it actually made us all laugh because she is part of the experience for all of these other women and the moment she was in the hot seat she freaked! 
But she killed it and we went a totally different vibe with her session, shooting at dusk and into night we got a more bedroomy sultry feel and I am in love with everything about it. 10 minutes into her session all the nerves were gone and here was this amazing confident and enticing woman! It was beyond beautiful to watch!