Ending #metoo starts with you....

It's going viral right? For good reason obviously. Most girls and women after puberty have been sexually harassed more than once, and most have been sexually assaulted too whether they know that what has happened to them is classified as so or not. The truth is it's happened to most of us at least once.

I remember when it started in highschool, boys snapping my bra straps trying to grab my boobs. But they were "just joking" just "having fun". It wasn't serious. Why would it be, we had never brought it to light, no one had ever gotten in trouble for it, even talked to about it really. 
Its seen as the norm, as okay. "Boys will be boys, right?"
Well seriously, Fuck that. My son will not touch girls or womens bras. He will not make sexual comments that will make them uncomfortable. He most definitely will not grope them. When will mothers start teaching their sons this shit is not okay? When will boys and men start taking fucking responsibility and stop acting like children?
I walk down the street and am sexually harassed as I do so. Cat called, sexualized. 
"she clearly wants to get fucked tonight."
"baby, what are you doing tonight."
"Damn girl you got a fine ass" 
"You're looking good, where you going? What are youdoing tonight? oh come on. talk to me."
I ignore them all. EVERYTIME.
But do you know women have literally been killed for not accepting & or not responding to a man's harassment. So do we ignore them to show them we are not interested and hope they don't act out in anger or being ignored, or do we speak back to the men harassing us so they think we are actually interested in such advancements?
 Multiple weddings I deal with guests, groomsmen, grandpas, saying inappropriate sexual things to me while I work. I've been putting my equipment in my car after a long wedding and had a man come up behind me while doing so and ask me if I wanted him to "lay me down in the back seat." My answer was what the fuck did you just say and in which he realized he had fucked up. I went on to said no and I was sure my cop of a husband wouldn't either or the fact he felt he had the right to act in such a way. To make me feel unsafe and insecure in my surroundings at my job. It wasn't the first time it's happened and it won't be the last sadly. 

The fact is that we need to step up and speak out for our selves and the women and girls around us. If your daughters see this happening to you and no reprecussions occuring they believe this is the norm. This is okay. ITS NOT. I don't have a daughter but I do have one who I have in my care enough to treat her as such & I will never let her believe that a man has the right to make any woman feel , unsafe, insecure in her skin & her environment. 
But stopping this issue starts at the root and that is with our sons, the boys & the men in this world understanding that women are not objects for their approval, their sexual desires and just objects they can speak to and treat in any which way they want. No matter their clothing choice, the way they present or hold themselves. There is a way to compliment someone with out sexually harassing them, there is a way to have manners and be a gentlemen and I promise you it will get you more respect and attention from women then being a cat calling asshole ever will.