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SPOTLIGHT PRODUCT: Luxury Heirloom Albums

For our first Spotlight Product blog we are going to cover Luxury Heirloom Photo Albums this is by my biggest seller when it comes to my clients!I’m hoping by starting these blogs about our Heirloom products, my clients can see the details and reasons to choose the products that suit them best! If you want to keep your images securely locked away there are products for that! You’ve decided you want them out on display, there are products for that too! These blogs will help you choose exactly how you want to use and keep your art from your experience!

WHAT is a LUXURY HEIRLOOM ALBUM: The premium, professional heirloom album making your boudoir unforgettable experience a lifetime keepsake. A collection of your images curated into a Har cover book-like album with thick gorgeous pages, durable lasting covers, and artistically designed layouts. Our heirloom albums come in multiple pages, cover and gilding options.

WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS: Our Albums are available to order in 5 sizes between collections and A La Carte. Our 6x6 is available with the option of 10 images, 25 image Albums come in an 8x8 or 8x12 option, and our 45 image albums are available in 10x10 or 11x14.
Cover Options:
Glass, Metal, Hard, Leather, Leatherette, Silk, Acrylic or Wood
Page options:
Lustre Rich colors and fine texture

Metallic High-gloss metal sheen

Matte Velvet Subtle chic on velvet paper

Art High-contrast pop-style

Gilding Options:
Silver, Black, Gold

WHY OUR CLIENTS LOVE THEM: Choosing an album to show off your photographs is literally the PERFECT way to make your experience more than just a photoshoot; it becomes its own little story. We design the album to flow in an order that leads the viewer on their own adventure. It’s fun but also discrete and put together. Albums are easy to keep pretty private, no matter whether it’s just meant for you or for a significant other too! Each album now comes with a protective box to keep them pristine and beautiful as ever. Our clients rave about the quality, durability, and gorgeousness of our albums and how heavy and beautiful they feel in their hands.

Five Fun Facts about Brii our Boudoir Photographer : The Boudoir Studio : Boone & Wilkesboro North Carolina

So I’m kind of in the business of getting people naked.
& getting naked in front of a stranger is kind of weird I guess right?
Well for most people it is so I figured why not be a little personable and tell you all about the person behind the camera! The one stripping off your clothes and your insecurities.

So here are 5 or more who really knows,
Wonderful facts about little ole me :D

!. I’m a YANKEE,
Born and raised in New York and its something most people here in the south notice right away. I don’t have an accent but the way I hold myself and act apparently screams, she doesn’t give any fucks she must be a Yankee. Which makes sense I’m blunt and honest and have literally no filter. I swear like a trucker and have no barriers with the words that come out my mouth.

2. I think everyone is BEAUTIFUL.
I think people say this but they don’t mean it but I literally have this thing where when I see someone my mind tells me what makes them so beautiful and that lasts til the ruin it with a horrible personality or something. But I really do think each and every person has a beauty that deserves to be shared and cherished. So many people put emphasis on their age or their size or whatever but don’t think about all the things that make them so beautiful in their own way.

3. I love ART,
not just photography. I paint, draw, design things, bake cook and write I love all aspects of creative expression. I read creative stories by artists who’ve never been discovered and I look at art by small-town artists who are still finding themselves. I draw off so many creative entities to be creative myself. There’s so much to be discovered and to learn from its amazing.

It’s my favorite color. Which is so weird right. Like I’m dark and moody and edgy as hell but yellow is so inviting and happy! IT’s warm and vibrant and screams look at me when I really don’t want anyone to be looking at me. It’s literally the opposite of who I am but somehow no matter what, when I see it it makes me all smiley and shit. So it’s my favorite.
5. I like to be in CONTROL
Well everywhere but the bedroom :D ( My mom will probably read this and laugh) I have trouble handing off control, to the point I just hired a contractor to put in a bathroom for the studio and I am sure I’m going to sit and watch him do the whole thing. Do I know anything about plumbing… nah but I gotta know and see everything that is going on. I think my control problems pay off in my art because I don’t settle see something and I control every aspect I can to create it exactly to the image in my head.
I’m all about those pros and cons, I pretty much weigh my whole life in the scale of them. :D :D

Holy Shit : Black Friday 2019 DETAILS RELEASED! Boone Ashe County North Carolina Boudoir studio

Black Friday
This Sale is Kind of a Big Deal.

IF you don’t have this down as a must, you might wanna do that. This is our biggest sale ever, and we don’t run sales. We’re talking HALF OFF our session fee + amazing added extras… It’s a no brainer.


25 lucky ladies will get 50% off their session fee! ( Normally $300 )
Now just $150
Your Session Fee includes

  • Completely Personal consultation & interaction with brii

  • Complete guidance and assistance through planning!

  • Hair & Makeup Application before the session

  • A 90-minute boudoir session with 2 - 4 outfit changes

  • Complete Access to our HUGE AF client closet, with pieces ranging from size XS- 5X

  • Professional posing and guidance, badassery and empowerment throughout the whole session

  • Private image reveal and ordering appointment within 7 days from your session with complete guidance through choosing and ordering what is right for you.

OH WAITTTTT. I’m ALSO being crazy and giving you….

  • Complimentary Digital image gallery of purchased images

  • Free 11x14 Mounted Canvas Print with any Collection purchase

This is over $1000 but you are literally just paying $150… So no brainer you should try to snag a spot!

Are you READY yet?? Getting hype over there? Marked your calendars?

NOVEMBER 8th Release date for our email followers!
November 27th Sale goes live, if there are any spots left! |Last year we didn’t get to this because they booked way before!

Are you a part of our FB VIP group??
Its pretty bomb, you should join!
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Miss M's Boudoir Session : Boone North Carolina

Miss M traveled all over 4 hours each way to shoot here at the boudoir studio to say it was an amazing feeling was a complete under statement. Being able to welcome her to our town and the studio felt amazing! Miss M came in nervous and left an absolutely confident goddess and it was such an amazing transformation to watch !

Miss M tells us all about her boudoir experience in her review <3

Hey ladies! I wanted to share how my personal experience with Brii was. A little about myself/personality first though so you can fully understand. I am very self conscious. Like I don’t even like for my husband to see me naked. I’ve always had self esteem issues since I can remember. Terribly shy, introvert and socially awkward as hell. I was so scared but excited to book my session with Brii. I have been following her page for a while now and fell in love with how she captures the fierceness and beauty in each woman. At first I had scheduled the session to give to my husband for our 10 yr wedding anniversary, but then I realized that it wasn’t really for him but more for me. After gaining roughly 50lbs, breastfeeding and 2 babies, I needed to feel like a woman again and finally start loving myself and my body. I was nervous as hell at first. I can count on one hand how many people have seen me naked, but with Brii she made me feel like I was amazing just the way I was. I wasn’t self conscious at all during the session. I didn’t take any nude photos but honestly at that time I probably would have posed and not thought twice about it. Brii is hilarious and so down to earth. I had a malfunction and one of my nails broke off during the shoot and we both just laughed like we were old friends. When I saw the pictures I was blown away and almost in tears. The woman in the pictures is sexy, carefree and completely in touch with herself. The whole experience is empowering and I would tell anyone that has thought about scheduling a session with Brii to just do it. You will not regret it at all and personally I’m already wanting to book another session with her (definitely a darker session).

If you would like information on your very own personal boudoir experience at The boudoir Studio in Edenton or Boone please email @
You can also find us on instagram @theboudoirstudio
and on reddit at u/briicherri

** All photos are kept completely private and confidential. The women you see here and throughout the site have signed extra releases for these images to be able to be shared. None of your images will ever be shown unless a relase has been signed for such **

Miss S's Greenville North Carolina Boudoir Session : WNC boudoir

What Miss S had to say about her experience with The Boudoir Studio

”I have been trying to come up with the perfect words to describe how much I deeply LOVE this photographer of ours on here. I chose Brii Cher'ri because of her style of photography and the impressive reviews and examples of her work, she was just what I was looking for. I met Brii in a coffee shop, 6 years ago as a matter of fact, and from the first moment I laid eyes on her, I felt a sense of ease. You see, I was setting up my first boudoir photo session with her and I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect. From the first smile of hers, till now, she knows how to calm the most anxious person with her simple words of, "just relax and let me take control and you have fun with it!" Not only have I had boudoir sessions with Brii over the past 6 years, but I have also had family photos as well. Brii is a truly gifted photographer who was able to capture every single essence of who I am in a subtle but truthful and relaxed way for those whom do not even know me to understand me on a whole new level. When I set up my sessions with Brii now, mostly boudoir, I literally walk into the location, start stripping naked immediately, and we just start talking about anything and everything under the moon! You are not walking into her studio as this person who is just there to get photos done, you are walking into an artists den and waiting for your masterpiece to be created with her!!!!! One thing I can ease your mind with right this second is that I 300% guarantee that you will walk in and out, probably the most satisfied you have ever been in your life!!!!! Do not just sit back and think about it.....JUMP and jump fast because she books up pretty quickly!!! FYI, my next session is already booked and I absolutely CANNOT wait!!!! Brii, thank you for being the amazing artist that you are!!!!! Loves, S.”

Miss S has now had 6 experiences here at The boudoir studio with me and every single one seems to become more and more fun and even more gorgeous! She is one of mt favorite people and has become like family . I absolutely loved this session as I do anytime I photograph her so I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

If you would like information on your very own personal boudoir experience at The boudoir Studio in Edenton or Boone please email @
You can also find us on instagram @theboudoirstudio
and on reddit at u/briicherri

** All photos are kept completely private and confidential. The women you see here and throughout the site have signed extra releases for these images to be able to be shared. None of your images will ever be shown unless a relase has been signed for such **

Miss A's Boudoir Experience : Ashe County Boone North Carolina

Thanks for Coming and checking out this bomb ass sesh of the womderful Anna.
I hope you enjoy & please drop a comment below telling us what you think!

When Anna found me, I knew right away we were a match made in heaven , she was my first session in my newly designed studio and she killed it. She dealt with my crazy circles I was running in the new studio trying to figure out how I wanted to shoot things pose things work with things. She wanted to have the boudoir experience at The boudoir Studio for herself , and for her fiance. She found out about my newly opened location in Boone and contacted me through an aquintance we shared.
I had the best time photographing and getting to know everything about her and her life here in the mountains. I learned so much about the weight she carries and how that has made her so strong bold and beautiful . We both enjoyed the experience so much she has already been back for a second session and has a third planned. That also tells you how absolutely horrible I am at blogging . ha ha ha .

any who , Anna let me roll with the punches, she dealt with my ridiculous laughing , clumsy and outrageous joking and cheering on self while we talked, learned about one another and slowly instilled and brought fourth the confidence she had had inside all along.
Anna used all outfits from our complimentary client closet which has hundredsa of pieces from all sizes. I was so excited to fit her and find what was perfect and what matched her comfort and confidence level.

One of my favorite outfits of the session was the crushed velvet burgundy long sleeve body suit. It was subtle sexy and different all in one and she slayed that lingerie piece . Anna also rocked my staple for all sessions which I tell my girls to bring a simple black bra and undies. In Annas session we shot it plain but she made it look like the least plain thing to ever exist but we also dressed it up with a nice vintagefur coat and paired it with our antique couches and chairs for the perfect look.

The whole experience from start to finish with anna was more fun then I could have imagined. I went in nervous to be feeling out a new space and a new town with new clients and people. and came out inspired recharged and ready to take on the new world and rock the new studio.

If you would like information on your very own personal boudoir experience at The boudoir Studio in Edenton or Boone please email @
You can also find us on instagram @theboudoirstudio
and on reddit at u/briicherri

** All photos are kept completely private and confidential. The women you see here and throughout the site have signed extra releases for these images to be able to be shared. None of your images will ever be shown unless a relase has been signed for such **

God sent me an Angel - Intimate Boudoir Experience - Boone North Carolina

I’m not the mushy type.
At all.
As most of you know. But I do ahve some soft spots, my husband my kid and my soul mate.
You read that right. My soul mate came to me at the age of 13 at a roller skating rink 15 minutes from home.
It took two seconds for me to realize the girl I just met was my life. Love at first sight is real you can ask anyone who was there that night. The moment we met we were inseperable.
I've known since that day that no matter what life threw at me or who left me in the dust I would never be alone. I would always have her. It didn’t matter if we had 5 states between us or an entire ocean.
She’s always been the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Strong and fierce. So fucking determined and stubborn that sometimes it drove me bonkers.
Crazy enough she fights me so hard about getting in front of my camera. I literally BEG. Because to me she literally is the definition of perfection and beauty all I ever want to do is capture that essence. She has let me photograph her twice. TWICE. This being one of them and when she said she wanted to be an angel my first thought was there was nothing more perfect to fit her. My second thought was how fucking nervous I was. This woman is my idol, one of my biggest supporters and I was terrified that I would mess up and not make her proud. God was I so fucking nervous. But the moment she stepped in front of my camera, I literally saw the woman who more times then she knows has been my angel and I captured how I see her everyday and made it into art that I will cherish for the rest of my life..

When I asked Kylee to write about her experience I never expected to cry because well I just don’t shed tears very often but she got to me, so heres what this Angel had to say about her experience and I promise it is worth the read.

Brii has been my best friend since 2006. Probably the best summer of my life, it isn’t often that you meet someone that you know for sure will be in your life forever. Soul mate must extend so much farther than romantic love because I know for a fact that no one understands me more than she does. I was there when she started building this business. I watched the struggle but also the passion. And when she found Boudoir it was like she found herself all over again. Her work is beautiful, it is art. I have always played with her that I would never let her photograph me. And I have twice now. I let her do a mermaid photoshoot and now this angel one. My favorite part about shooting with brii is watching her, she brings so much life to the whole process. She made me feel special but also was good about recognizing my insecurities. Even putting on an outfit for me had me in an anxiety struck space. I couldn’t imagine wearing a body suit that barely covered my body. She knows exactly how far to push you out of your comfort zone without putting too much pressure or not enough pressure that you don’t end up with pictures that you love. I wouldn’t wear a two piece, so she didn’t push but she made sure that the one piece I wore made my body look incredible. Going into my session, I was a mess. I said about 15 times that I had changed my mind. I did my make up super slow trying to build up my courage. I didn’t know what it was going to look like or what I was going to look like. It was so abstract. I was so uncomfortable. But brii was there, smiles in her eyes, and encouragement pouring from her mouth. Even when I doubted myself, she never did. I knew I wanted to do a session the moment she told me about the wings. I think it gave me permission to separate being “sexy” from being “something else”. It was me, but not me at the same time. It was almost a crutch. From the moment I put the wings on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Brii helped me move in them, showed me what to do with my body, told me how to breathe to make my face work the way it needed to. But to be honest, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I was INCREDIBLY awkward. I moved weird and slow but she was patient. She showed me poses multiple times so I could understand what she wanted from me. She told me I could do things that I never imaged I could do. In my moments of awkwardness she was there to laugh and play with me but also be serious and show me what I needed. She was really aware of my body type and what would look the best. It was like being in a whole new world. She’s my best friend, I know every aspect of her personality. But watching her behind a camera, it was like meeting her all over again. It reminded me of the first time I met her. She exudes so much personality, so much energy. In a session with her, it’s almost like she donates that to you. She lets you take on her energy, brings out your own personality and then gives you a space to see it and be in that moment. Brii has always been a safe place for me. She’s been there since I was a kid, she’s grown with me, but in that moment. She was my best friend but not at the same time. I expect the best from her, because I know she can provide the best. Every single photo she sent me reminded me all over again that she is the best. My fiancé looked at some of the photos she shared and he gushed for days. Asked for one on a huge canvas because it was art. He said he couldn’t believe that I could look like that. Brii made me look like that. She took all of the parts of myself that made me beautiful and poured them into a photograph. She let me see myself in an entirely different way. And that was the most valuable part of my experience. I love my photographs, I will adore them for the rest of my life. But I adore her much more. That session allowed me to see myself the way she sees me. And for that, there is no price tag. Being a boudie babe was great, but being a boudie babe for brii was incredible.

Mister N : Male Boudoir Portrait Session: Boone Boudoir Photographer

My first male session was a complete success.
Thuogh he made it pretty easy for me which I was totally thank ful for as I was a BUNDLE of nerves prepping for this sesh! Men are a totally different ball game and literally nothing coincides when it cvomes to posing between men and women or instructions or intimacy . So it was all about learning male intimacy and feelings and learning how to teach others to convey that intimacy.
I’m prettyyyy stoked with these male portraits and can’t wait to keep capturing men and showing them their beauty and giving them back their confidence as well.