Our mission is

 A mission to show all people, whether women, men or non-binary, gay, straight or bi, they are truly Strong, Beautiful, Fierce & most of all Important. 

Through not just a photo session but an Intimate Experience of self love & empowerment.

An Experience for All Genders & Couples where we dive deep into your feelings, confidence & sexuality all to embrace everything that makes you, YOU. We offer experiences for both Men & Women & non-binary, as well as couples because to be truthful everyone needs to be shown their beauty, reminded of their strength & encouraged to be confident.



Well we are a team of wonderful women all bound together by this idea that Boudoir can change the world, Lead by owner and Photographer Brii Cher'ri. Brii is also our Hair & Makeup artist at our Edenton location and partnered with us in this full on experience is Kara from Soothing Earth Massage! Lace n Cakes & K9 Girl designs for our gorgeous clients gifts at Both Locations!  In Boone North Carolina Brii is our Makeup & Hair artidt and we are currently looking for a masseuse to add to our team! We are dedicated to the passionate pursuit of beauty, pampering & fun all while  making time stand still for our clients and to showing you how beautifully we & the world see you! 


Beauty is not bound by size, shapes or numbers. Beauty is not one thing or one look, not one color or one size. Women & Men of all ages, shapes and sizes are GORGEOUS. All women & men & couples together deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. We believe the elegance of being a woman, the strength yet vulnerability of being a man and the intricacies of desire, longing, passion, beauty and love are breathtaking — exquisite and inticing things to behold and cherish and greatest of all capture.

Beauty isn't a size. Confidence isn't a shape. It's a mindset. 
Boudoir is the experience that gives you the confidence , shows you the beauty and creates the mindset ❤️
Loving yourself isnt a one step process its a journey and boudoir isn't a photo session it's an experience that jump starts and serves as a reminder throughout that journey.


Create an environment where you are able to discard all of your insecurities and fears, a safe place to simply be … beautiful. And have a bunch of fun as well! We will be there beside you through the process and answer any questions you may have and indulge all of your ideas!

The Boudoir Studio will provide you with a one of a kind enticing experience from beginning to end that will reaffirm how beautiful you are, build your confidence and empower you to own it all while having an amazing time!